Intro to Cave

Into the Darkness...

Build on your cavern skills, learning and perfecting additional techniques and procedures required for elementary cave diving beyond the light zone.

Be the best...

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DPV Training

Go Explore faster!!

Learn and master how to use a DPV, whilst being aware of depth, time and gas management.

Be the best...

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Cavern Training

Discover a New World !!

Develop your skills, knowledge and fundamentals of cave diving etiquette, while practicing proper planning procedures and techniques for the hazards of overhead environments.

Be the best...

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Recreational Training

Explore the Realm !!

From Discover Scuba Diving through to Master Rescue Diver, learn the fundamental skills to enjoy the stunning variety of marine life safely. Seek to master specific skills in Specialities, then through experience & confidence expand on Rescue skills.

Be the best...

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Relax in Sidemount

Be in Control !!

Learn more about hightened levels of awareness, streamlining, mastering buoyancy, planning gas and self reliance through comprehensive Sidemount skills, whilst effortlessly hovering before gliding through the water gracefully.

Be the best...

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Technical Training

Go Deeper for Longer

Whether its full Trimix training or just extending your bottom time, learn to perfect bouyancy control, gas planning, safe gas switching and enjoy your dives!

Be the best...

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Full Cave Training

Go Explore!!

Perfect and critique your previous skills, execute team plans and navigate your way through various caves. Discover the true beauty of cave environments whilst evaluating yourself, gaining confidence to solve problems using your inventory of skills and training.

Be the best...

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Wreck Training

Feel the history!!

Improve your fundamental skills, gas planning, observation, line laying and dealing with zero viz. Then come to Malta or Scapa and take in the awe of the WW1 battleships wrecks stoked in history...

Be the best...

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Welcome to Simply Sidemount & Simply Tec

Be unafRAID…seek the adventure within!

Here at Simply Sidemount and Simply Tec, we are dedicated to giving you the best possible recreational and technical tuition, whether that may be in Sidemount, single cylinder backmount or twinset configuration.

We are passionate about all aspects of diving and when we are not teaching we are exploring caves, wrecks and reefs around the world. We hope our enthusiasm for diving is infectious as we aim to create confident, safe divers in a relaxed and fun environment.

By tailoring each course to an individual’s needs we always endeavour to help you achieve your goals and aspirations, safely.

Sidemount diving is a beautiful way to dive, as you can feel so much more balanced and therefore relaxed in the water, but sometimes divers just want to feel just that in whatever discipline they dive.

At Simply Sidemount we can easily help you achieve just that in a relatively short space of time. This will give you a much better platform on which you can develop more skills, for example, in Technical diving.

The video below shows a recent student, before and after training, who was scarred from a previous dive a year earlier due to various problems stemming from poor buoyancy control.



Why choose RAID ?

Our mission is to be the benchmark brand for quality dive training globally through improved technology, modern training techniques, a proactive quality control system and ensuring the highest standard of dive instructors and ultimately divers.

The measure of our success is not the number of divers we train but the quality of our divers.

Every diver we train is an ambassador for RAID.

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